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These are just a few examples of trains Railway Factory LLC has built. We manufacture only the American Style locomotives and coaches. Clients have customized their trains by selecting different color schemes, trim and graphics.

Jupiter, Half Scale Locomotive Specifications

•Main Frame: Ladder type construction built from 2’’ x 2’ solid steel bar
•Engine House: Framed with 1.5’’ square tubing covered with 10-gauge steel sheet metal (operator rides in cab)
•Boiler: Rolled 10-gauge steel sheet metal
•Smoke Stack: Rolled 10-gauge steel sheet metal
•Head Light: Cast aluminum with Authentic light reflector
•Steam and Sand Domes: CNC Machined 6061 solid aluminum
•Bell: Cast steel harp with solid brass cast bell
•Whistle: Custom built 4 chime brass whistle
•Drive Wheels: 28’’ drive wheels made from 4140 hardened steel
•Pony Truck: Machined steel wheel supports with spring suspension
•Drive Wheels Traction: The drive wheels are powered by two hydraulic motors
•Cattle Guard: Fabricated steel
•Trim: Hand rails and supports are solid polished stainless steel, boiler straps are stainless steel or brass
•Operator Controls Inside Cab: Tachometer, fuel gauge, temperature gauge, oil pressure gauge, hour meter,
voltage gauge, PA System with microphone, light switches and start switch
•Optional video recording system with smart phone viewing

•Main Frame: 2’’ x 4’’ tubular steel frame construction
•Body: 10 gauge fabricated steel
•Engines: Choice of Tier Diesel, Propane or Electric
•Pneumatic System for brakes
•Electrical System: 12 VDC system with dual batteries, 165 Amp alternator
•Speed Control: Digital train speed controller
•Trucks: Soft Ride spring suspension with 12’’ wheels
•Powder Coating or Poly Urethane finish

Coach Specifications
•Main Frame: 2’’ x 4’’ tubular steel frame
•Seat Frames: Steel fabricated with decorative side frames
•Seats: High quality composite wood
•Roof: Steel fabricated Pullman style roof
•Floor: Diamond plate steel floor covered with non-slip coating
•PA System: Two overhead waterproof speakers
•Brakes: Air brake system
•Optional handicap lift which replaces 2 rows of seats
•Powder coat or poly urethane finish
•Seating Capacity: 24 Adults or 36 Children
•Trucks: Soft, ride-spring suspension with 12” wheels

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